satisfied patients

Brad Pearce

“Soon after turning pro in 1986, I developed some tennis elbow issues. If it wasn't for Dr. Scott Jackson, I would not have been able to reach the singles quarterfinals at Wimbledon a few years later. He was there for me countless times throughout my professional career, and he's still keeping me on the tennis court today! I could not say enough good things about Dr. Jackson as a surgeon, as a caregiver, and as a person!”



                                           Brad Pearce


“I have been treated by Dr. Scott Jackson for my shoulder and knee. He has given me the very best care and shown great compassion. He is a kind and caring surgeon and good friend.”

GAIL HAlvorsen

Candy Bomber

“Dr. Scott Jackson and his team has provided me and my family with excellent care for many years. His professional expertise has helped me through several serious injuries including inflamed bursa issues with my knee while performing in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” tearing the gluteus medius tendon right off the bone during a Las Vegas show, and extreme wear and tear during “Dancing With the Stars.” Dr. Jackson has been a dear friend of mine for many years and he treats my family like his own, helping us through various injuries that come in the course of raising five sons. I appreciate his professionalism, personal care, and recommend him highly”

Donny Osmond


“It is well for young aspiring athletes to know that Scott was the star quarterback on the Highland High School football team, and also stared in basketball and tennis. He went on to play basketball and tennis at BYU. When it comes to orthopedic surgery and follow up treatment he is unsurpassed, and he knows what a young athlete is going through---pain, depression, concern about the future, etc. Scott and his brothers, Richard and Robert (also Orthopedic surgeons) served as team doctors for BYU athletics during my tenure as Director of Athletics. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has never been served better.

Scott recently performed replacement surgery on both knees for my wife, Jo. The surgery was extremely successful and he guided her through a strict regimen of rehabilitation, about which she is effusively enthusiastic

I'm sure that it is apparent that we are Scott Jackson fans. He is not only a very competent surgeon, he is a dear friend.”

Glen Tucket


“I received a total knee replacement with Dr. Jackson a few years back. I’m so pleased with the results. As a professional skier, coach and resort director, I need to always be at the top of my game. I am skiing technically better now than I have in many years, and with no pain other than from the joy of training, which is expected, since I love to train. The alignment of my knee is spot on and I have complete activity. However I have chosen not to continue as a runner. Off the snow I also put about 6 to 8,000 cycling miles a year on the road, along with mountain biking. I can’t imaging how the quality of my life would have been negatively effected if I had not taken this action. Dr. Jackson is so good at this. If I every need to do this to my other knee, he will be my choice. Plus, he’s a delightful person."






  Twice, when I was suffering from "golfer's elbow" prior to an important tournament, I saw Dr. Scott Jackson, who was able to diagnose and treat the problem and get me better just in time to tee it up, pain free. I am grateful for his expertise and personal care.   


                                                  Johnny Miller


"Dr. Scott Jackson is hands-down one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Utah! I could tell the minute I met him that he truly cared about my whole being and not just the fact that I needed surgery. He is attentive and personal and one who takes pride in that fact that he loves what he does! I highly recommend this practice to anyone that values their future health and well-being"

                         Jeanie Wilson

Former byu Womens BasketballHead Coach

“My family and I have appreciated the excellent orthopedic care Dr. Scott Jackson has provided for us through the years. He gave my father increased mobility and function with a new hip and my mother a much improved lifestyle when he repaired her rotator cuff tear. We respect and appreciate him as a doctor and friend.”

                                      Wally Joyner

                                             MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ALLSTAR 

Brad Pearce

Candy Bomber

Donny OSmond  

Glen Tucket

Jerry Warren 

Johnny Miller

Jeanie Wilson
Wally Joyner

More happy Patients. 

Sports has always been a big part of my life and Dr. Scott Jackson has kept me ‘in the game’! After playing College Basketball at Brigham Young University and then in the European Pro league, the wear and tear of those years took a toll on my body. Dr.Jackson has performed surgery on my ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder. Scott is the consummate professional, with a kind bedside manner that equals his expertise in the operating room. He is a skilled surgeon, a man of integrity and trust.

-Scott Runia - Former BYU and European Pro Basketball player


I had my knee replacement surgery in January, 2017 by Dr. Scott jackson. I am extremely pleased with the result. I was fly fishing in the Provo river by March. I just got back from a 4 day backpacking hike to boulder mountain and the knee performed very well! I am very happy with the results.  

 -Doug Holt 


Dr. Jackson is so kind and caring! I have really enjoyed my experience with him. The surgery went really well, and my knee is steadily improving. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

-Jade Madison


He is an excellent surgeon with great bedside manners. He really cares about me and my recovery.

-Natalie Gibbons 


Dr. was very friendly and answered questions I had. Also he was on time.

-Rolland Koller 


Dr. Jackson is very professional and very kind. He is very thorough . I have a father, a son, three uncles and a grandfather that were all Drs. I would recommend Dr Jackson highly to anyone that might need his expertise .

-Nancy Collard 





I love playing tennis but my knee became so painful i was unable to enjoy playing. Dr. Scott Jackson Performed a total knee replacement. After about three months of rehab, I was able to resume playing tennis and now play regularly, about three times a week, and have little to no pain. 

-Stacy Strong


A big thanks to Dr Scott Jackson who did my left shoulder surgery 3 days ago to remove bone spurs. Thanks to the nurses and the anesthesiologist at Utah Valley Hospital. From check-in to checkout service was excellent. Thanks to Dr Jackson's surgical skills I'm feeling better than I thought I would after surgery and I expect a quick recovery.

- Lou Nackos


Dr Scott Jackson is so kind and has your best interest at heart. He was a very great listener and made us feel so much comfort in what procedures were to be done. Excellent staff as well!

-Jamie Tomlinson 


Dr. Jackson is a confident no nonsense professional. When we asked him what he would do if this were his son he did not hesitate to tell us his opinion. We are very glad we chose him and would recommend him to anyone. 

-Stone Mou